$13.00 USD

TWC Cash Envelopes

Find yourself overspending in certain spending categories every month?

Grab The Wealthy Crown Cash Envelope Set (10 envelopes) to help you stay within your predetermined spending budget.

Simply assign an amount from your Money Plan and put the cash in the designated envelope on payday. Once funds are gone, that's it! Fill up the next time you get paid!

Each envelope is marked by a gold stained label marked with The Wealthy Crown logo.

Spending Categories:

TITHE - God First! Keep the first 10% of your gross income here for safe keeping.

HONOR - Prepared To Give! Use this to sow into the life of your leaders, a ministry or whoever the Holy Spirit places on your heart.

GROCERIES - It's Time To Eat! Grab your favorite ingredients and head to the kitchen.

EATING OUT - I'm Not Cooking Tonight! Order from your favorite restaurant - don't forget to leave a tip.

HOUSEHOLD - Stock Pile! From toilet tissue, paper towels, Lysol and disinfectant wipes, get what you need!

GAS - I'm Not Walking! Pull straight from this envelope when it's time to fill up.

SHOPPING - Throw It In The Bag! You've been good sis - it's time to reward yourself.

FUN MONEY - Plan To Play! Be sure to put some fun into your Money Plan.

SELF-CARE - Ladies, you already know! Hair, Nails, Eyebrows and more.

MISCELLANEOUS - It's up to you! From toll/parking fees to tips - put all your extra cash right here.