$55.00 USD

The Wealthy Crown Book Collection (3 Physical Books)

The Believer's Blueprint For Financial Breakthrough!

What you'll get:

  • Book #1:

    How Honoring God Unlocks Financial Breakthrough:

    My personal testimony of how the power of putting God FIRST increased my income by over $20k in six months and helped me to eliminate over $30k in debt!


  • Book #2:

    7 Spiritual Principles for Financial Breakthrough:

    My journey taught me how to spiritually position myself for financial breakthrough. Applying the principles in this book will empower you to do the same!

  • Book #3:

    7 Practical Money Strategies for Financial Breakthrough:

    Financial breakthrough demands that we position ourselves both spiritual and practically. I learned this the hard way! But let me show you how to avoid financial heartache and pain by using the wisdom in this book.